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I’m mama to two wonderful kids, Panda and Gigi, who inspire me, amaze me, test my strength, and make me crazy. Our son has PANDAS/PANS and Lyme Disease/co-infections – we’re still putting together all the pieces of the puzzle. I feel like a detective trying to solve a mystery. Please bare with me as I work on putting this site together. It is exhausting trying to heal a sick child and sometimes all-consuming, especially if he is in a bad flare, which leaves me very little time for anything else. I hope you will come back to keep reading our journey.

I’m married to my soulmate! No really – I’m not kidding – my actual soulmate. We would move heaven and earth to be together (and have.)

I have a BA in Sociology (with a dabble in Psychology, Creative Writing, and a touch of Art History) but it in no way prepared me for the toughest most demanding job of all time – motherhood. I am Director of Operations of our household, which includes being a personal chef to the pickiest critics – on an extremely restricted, ever-changing, diet. Diet is hugely important for people with autoimmune disorders and Lyme Disease. Check out my section dedicated to food: “Cooking for the Cubs.” (In progress.) I also spend a large portion of my alone-time researching PANDAS and Lyme and connecting with other moms.

Random facts about me and things I love:

The sound of baby giggles. My wonderful mum whose strength and wisdom inspires me.┬áMy father’s sense of humour and for teaching me what a good man is. Dates with my husband. Holding his hand. My loyal friends who feed my soul. Dancing barefoot in the kitchen with my babes. Sleeping children and a quiet house. Walking barefoot on the beach. Having the windows open in Spring and hearing the birds sing. The smell of fresh air. How beautiful it looks when the sun shines on the ice that clings to tree branches after a big winter storm. Christmas.

I love wine and probably drink too much (it’s medicinal, especially if it’s a full moon – there will be a whole post about this later – the full moon, that is, not the wine) I can’t live without my morning cup of tea. I actually don’t even feel human until I’ve had my first cup. I actually have a tea bag in my purse (for emergencies) and a travel corkscrew (also for emergencies) – I’ve only used it twice in 13 years but you can bet if I took it out, that’s when I’d need it. I think my love of tea is because I was born in England and spent my early childhood there. I have a special place in my heart for all things British which is why it will come as no surprise that I’m a huge Coronation St. fan.

I love curling up and losing myself in a great book for two days until I’m finished it (but that doesn’t happen since having children.) I’m a binge reader – once I find an author I like, I always end up reading all of his/her books. Being in a book store is my happy place. It’s like therapy…the smell of new books and coffee, the gorgeous (but often, useless) trinkets and gifts…seriously, it’s heaven on earth!

I love love Michael Buble! My babes have grown up listening to him from in the womb so it’s no surprise that they love him too. But there’s also a new man in town… Ed Sheeran is a huge favourite in our house. He sings my heart.

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