Keeping The Love Alive

Let’s face it, it’s hard to feel the love when you’re house is in constant turmoil and chaos, and when you’re in survival mode just trying to cope with your Panda. But since Februray is coming up soon and it is Smoochie month (as Gigi’s preschool newsletter describes it,) we could all do with a reminder that we are special and loved. We’re all so consumed by stress, flares, Doctor appointments, meds, restricted diets, researching, herxing, detoxing, our daily crappy life… that we could do with something so simple – but so good for our souls. Last year I came across this article from Skip to my Lou, about posting hearts with loving messages and positive affirmations on your children’s door for the month of February. I fell in love with this idea because it really helped us focus on all the nice qualities our Panda has, and it made him feel so good too. It’s just a great way to fill up everyone’s “bucket.” (And, to be honest, mine is often running on empty.) Each day the kids were so excited to read the new heart on their door, and actually our hearts have stayed on our bedroom doors since last year. They’re a little faded now and the edges are curling, but Panda doesn’t want me to take them down.

We really got into it and my husband and I started posting hearts to each other on our door. Panda also started to write hearts for us too. Doing this activity as a family really helped us to appreciate the positive things, the kind things, the little details of our lives that are so often overlooked when you’re treading water and fighting for your child’s health. And doing this activity with your spouse really helps remind you why you fell in love in the first place, and why you still show up every day to fight this fight together.

My sweet, thoughtful, generous-hearted husband has noticed how much I’ve been struggling lately. He’s even been trying to find a way for me to get away from it all for a few days. Researching spa getaways for my girlfriends and I, even though we don’t have any extra money to spare and we actually both need a break together. Lately he’s been doing his own version of hearts-on-the-door and leaving me little notes to find throughout my day. It’s an unexpected surprise when I go to make a coffee and there is a romantic note in the cutlery drawer: “I love the way your eyes say “I love you” when you smile at me.” And in the drawer where we keep our coffee I found: “Your beauty amazes me everyday!” Yeah, this man seriously knows how to warm my heart.

So what do you think? This is an easy way to tell your family how much you love them. I understand that it may be difficult to think of positive things to say to your Panda, but even the smallest accomplishment can be noted. Even posting hopeful messages like: Your life is worthwhile! You are stronger than you realize! You brighten our lives! You will feel better soon! We will never stop fighting for you! I love to watch you do/play…. These will surely brighten your Panda’s day and remind them how very special they are.

I would love if you’d share your messages of love, or pictures of your hearts on a door, on a fridge, wherever you choose to post them… use your imagination.

Sending you lots of extra love to carry you through February! xoxoxo


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