Spanish Coffee – Oh my!

This is hands down one of the most delicious hot boozy drinks I’ve ever had. (And this is obviously not for the kids.)

So, if you’re making it properly it’s 1 ounce each of Triple Sec, Kahlua and Brandy in a beautiful mug, but you can do half an ounce of each depending on the size of your mug (warm in the microwave for about 15 seconds.) Pour in coffee (and I always use decaf if it’s in the evening, I have enough trouble sleeping at night without any added caffeine.) STIR – this is very important otherwise you end up with all the booze at the bottom. Add whipped cream and drizzle with Kahlua.

If you want it to be extra fancy you can dip the rim of your mug in lemon juice or a little Brandy and then dip in sugar first, before adding any booze or coffee – oh so pretty, but not necessary.

Enjoy and share with friends and family!



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