Cooking for the cubs

We have been on our food journey for three and a half years now. And, it is hands down, the thing I get asked most about from friends. So, this section will be where I post the recipes we cook for our kids. I am very grateful to those people who have gone down this road before us and created wonderful recipes. We make our own little changes along the way, but these are the recipes we use time and time again in our kitchen. They are fussy Panda approved… mostly. He often throws me a curve ball and suddenly decides he doesn’t like his favourite foods. So I just keep trying new things.

Our son’s diet has changed and evolved many times over the years as we’ve become aware of foods that cause issues. We currently eat a mostly Paleo, sometimes AutoImmune Paleo diet, but always free of gluten, dairy, colours, preservatives, additives, and refined sugar.

It can be challenging getting used to a restricted diet that’s not full of refined sugar and flavour enhancers. But honestly, compared to the Failsafe Diet (a piece of our puzzle, I’ll talk about in more detail,) the Paleo diet is like heaven. Even compared to gluten free stuff, Paleo food tastes so much better. In fact it tastes better than the traditional North American diet we had in the past. I used to have a BIG sweet tooth. I craved sweets and desserts. Now that I’m used to not having refined sugar, having replaced it with the more subtle sweetness of honey and maple syrup, and using far less in recipes, I don’t crave sweets anymore. Desserts laden with refined sugar actually taste too sweet for me now. You’re taste buds adapt, so give it time and give your kids time to get used to it too.

This section is a work in progress while I get my site up and going, but please check back, I’m looking forward to sharing delicious healthy recipes with you.

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